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Best Practice: Agape Foundation Shows How To Implement

Just Now Kitty Weaver BSN, RN is a clinical trainer and educator with LTC University, SC House Calls and Agape Hospice. BY KITTY WEAVER. If you are unable to speak for yourself, who would speak for you? This is a question that I have become very passionate about since I began working in the senior health care industry seven years ago with Agape Senior koch my life choices log in

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About Us — My Life My Choices

7 hours ago The South Carolina Coalition for the Care of the Seriously Ill (SCCSI) is a statewide coalition that brings key organizations, clinicians, and healthcare entities together to collaboratively redesign care, improve quality of life, and protect the ethical rights of the seriously, chronically, or terminally ill in South Carolina. my life my choices

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Embracing Future Health Planning Can Lead to Better

9 hours ago Oregon Health and Science University and the state of Oregon initially created the framework for POLST documents in paper form. The documents are typically used when a patient becomes very ill or weak at the end of life, and “gives medical orders to emergency personnel” based on their given medical circumstances, according to the national my life my choice ma

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What Does Palliative Care Mean

Just Now “There’s a growing understanding that we’re not dying the way we used to,” said Jennifer Moore Ballentine, executive director of the California State University Institute for Palliative Care, which was founded in 2012 and has created a palliative care curriculum for … mylifechoice gp 401k

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COVID-19 Resource Response Toolkit — My Life My Choices

9 hours ago COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Response Toolkit. The spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus is not only causing infection, but also panic and fear. In health care facilities and settings, frontline workers know only too well how challenging it is for patients and families to … my life choices benefits koch

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Remarks From Incoming SCMA President, Outgoing SCCSI Chair

2 hours ago Dr. John Ropp III, MD is a board certified family physician in Hartsville, South Carolina. He served as SCCSI Chairman prior to becoming SCMA President. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia in 2001 and is … my life choice

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